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School Prospectus

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Welcome to Barnby & North Cove Primary School, part of The Consortium Multi Academy Trust

Barnby & North Cove Primary School is a small school with a big heart! We aim to provide a welcoming environment in which each child is cared for and nurtured. Our motto at Barnby & North Cove Primary School is ‘Growing Successful Futures’. We try our hardest to ensure that the education we provide meets the needs of every child, so that they can make good progress and achieve success.

Children begin their full-time school career in the September of the academic year in which they are five and we aim to provide them with a happy and secure start to education.  We also offer Early Years provision with funded sessions in Little Acorns Nursery for 3 year olds.

We aim to work in partnership with parents and carers, to inspire a love of learning and development that helps every child have the skills they need to reach their full potential. We offer them a good grounding in all subjects of the National Curriculum and further stimulate their interest by offering a range of experiences and extra-curricular activities.

As well as academic aspirations, we have high expectations of children’s behaviour and conduct, both in school and in the wider community and society. The children are encouraged to develop positive attitudes towards other people and the environment. Tolerance and respect underpins the work of the school and our school rules help ensure the children are happy and safe.

We encourage parents and carers to work with us to develop mutual understanding and trust as the basis of our shared responsibilities. There are ample opportunities to be involved in school life, such as parents’ evenings, open assemblies, share events and fundraising activities.  Confidence in the school comes from knowing and understanding what is happening within it.

I hope you find our school welcoming and supportive. I look forward to welcoming you and your child to Barnby & North Cove Primary School, should you wish apply.

Mrs Clare Williams
Academy Head

About The School

Barnby & North Cove School is an academy school, under the direction of The Consortium Multi Academy Trust.  It caters for pupils from 3 to 11 years old, from the villages of Barnby and North Cove and the local area. 

Children who join us in our Early Years Nursery will spend eight years here and then transfer to high school after completing Year 6. The school is able to offer full time education for all 4 year old children in the school’s catchment area, as well as offering an Early Years Nursery with funded places for 3 year olds.

Our school is proud to be part of The Consortium Multi Academy Trust, a local Trust whose aims and objectives is to serve our communities by ensuring that small primary schools are celebrated, supported and sustainable, in order for them to flourish. Further information regarding our Trust can be found at the following link:

Barnby & North Cove School was founded in 1897 and has been adapted and modernised over the years, with a significant re-build in 1976. Further changes created additional classrooms and offices. We have bright, appealing classrooms, a lovely hall and in-house kitchen. The school has extensive grounds, including a playground, pirate ship, tyre park, spider climber, large playing field and outdoor learning area complete with pond.

Our School Day

Our school day starts at 8.45am and ends at 3.00pm. There is a daily breaktime at 10.30am and lunchtime is between 12.00 -1.00pm. Our afternoon sessions starts with a daily assembly at 1.00-1.30pm.

The Curriculum

The National Curriculum consists for three core subjects and nine foundation subjects which all children must study at school.

The core subjects are English, Mathematics and Science.

The foundation subjects are:

  • Art & Design
  • Citizenship
  • Computing
  • Design & Technology
  • Geography
  • History
  • Languages
  • Music
  • Physical Education

In addition, we teach Religious Education, Philosophy and Personal, Social and Health Education.

More information about the current National Curriculum is available online at

Learning in school is extended through homework and children are set a small amount of homework each week, as well as being encouraged to read, or be read to, as often as possible. Homework offers parents and carers an opportunity to support their child’s learning and become involved in their education.

The Classes

Children are taught in mixed year classes:

  • Little Acorns Nursery – for Year 3 & 4 Year old Early Years Nursery, led by Miss Williams, Senior Teacher
  • Oak – for Year 1 & 2 children, led by Mrs Clements
  • Willow – for Year 3 & 4 children, led by Mr Huxtable
  • Chestnut – for Year Year 5 & Year 6 children, led by Mr Vaughan

Our Vision….. Growing Successful Futures!

Our Aims and Values

  • We are a friendly and welcoming school with a family atmosphere and strong community links which we strive to develop.
  • We respect others and show care and consideration for one another.
  • We value co-operation as the best way to achieve our goals.
  • We aim to encourage children to work to the best of their ability, to reach the highest standards, in all that they do.
  • We work together to build self-esteem, to make the most of everyone’s talents and to value each other’s opinions.
  • We believe in opportunities for all.
  • We aim to provide a stimulating and interesting learning environment, both within the school and outdoors.
  • We work together to achieve a wide curriculum, which stimulates a love of learning, experience and discovery and which provides skills for the future.
  • We aim to foster an appreciation of our natural environment and the world around us.

Our Behaviour

The schools in the Consortium MAT have a joint statement on behaviour which has four basic principles.

  1. We recognise that there is a clear connection between behaviour and learning.  If pupils are well-behaved, teachers can teach more successfully and pupils will succeed more in their learning.
  2. As schools, we have shared responsibility with parents to prepare our pupils to be good citizens.
  3. We have high expectations for behaviour, but recognise the need to identify and reinforce it wherever possible.
  4. We believe that showing pupils the value of good behaviour in school is likely to lead to increased self-esteem and greater self-discipline in adult life.

Within the school we have six simple Golden Rules:

  • We are honest;
  • We are gentle;
  • We are kind;
  • We look after property;
  • We listen;
  • We work hard;

We also expect all adults to conduct themselves in a sensible and reasonable way. We have zero tolerance towards adults behaving in an aggressive manner towards staff, children or other adults.  Unacceptable behaviour is dealt with robustly and fairly.

Pastoral Care and Safeguarding

Barnby & North Cove School is small enough for each child to be known personally by every member of staff. 

We aim to ensure excellent pastoral care, so that children feel happy, safe, secure and valued.  Each class teacher assumes specific responsibility for the safety, well-being and behaviour of each child in their class during the school day.  Procedures exist to protect children from risk and address matters of concern promptly.


We are committed to providing an education of the highest quality for all pupils and recognise this can only be achieved by supporting and promoting excellent school attendance. This is based on the belief that only by attending school regularly and punctually will children be able to take full advantage of the educational opportunities available to them. High attainment depends on good attendance.

As part of Consortium Multi Academy Trust, our attendance is regularly monitored and reported on by the Trust, to comply with the Department for Education’s requirements.  As part of this, we apply a targeted approach to pupil absence and follow the Attendance Policy and guidelines of Consortium Multi Academy Trust, which can be found at the following link:-

Admission Arrangements

The Local Authority will coordinate all normal year of entry admissions on behalf of all Trust schools and communicate all normal year of entry admission decisions to parents (Reception and Year 7).  All In-Year admissions (Year 1 – 6), will be managed by the school. 

Children are admitted to full time education at the beginning of the school year in which they have their 5th birthday. All pupils aged 4 or over are entitled to start school on a full-time basis, although some parents may choose to opt for a part-time basis initially.  It is the parents or legal guardian’s responsibility to apply for a school place. We recommend that you apply online at The process is quick, safe and simple.

Alternatively, you can apply on the paper application form (copy below), or which is available from the School Office. All in-year admissions are processed by the individual schools of The Consortium Multi Academy Trust. You should apply directly to the relevant school. Available places will be allocated in the order that the school receives applications and will respond within 10 working days of receiving a request for application.

CMAT Admission Form

A link to The Consortium Multi Academy Trust’s Admission information can be found here:-

School Prospectus
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