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Pupil Parliament

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At Barnby & North Cove Primary School we have a Pupil Parliament which is made up of representatives from each year group.

We have changed our name to Pupil Parliament and are wearing our new badges to show this. Our Pupil Parliament representatives for the school year 2017/18 are:

Year 6 – Priya C-W
Year 5 – Kitty S
Year 4 – Ethan W
Year 3 – Isabella S
Year 2 – Tilly C
Year 1 – Spencer M

It has been great working with the children to make a difference to our school. So far this school year, we have raised money for Children in Need by having a contributory non-uniform day and putting Pennies on Pudsey.

What is the purpose of Pupil Parliament?

Pupil Parliament representatives from all Consortium Trust schools meet termly to discuss and debate on different subjects to make a difference to our schools and communities.  You can learn more about Pupil Parliament on the Consortium’s website at:

In October, Ethan and Isabella attended a Pupil Parliament meeting with all of the other Academy School’s Pupil Parliaments. The aim of this meeting was to discuss Energy and the Environment.
Each school was asked to produce a policy to meet this aim. You can see our policy on the Consortium Academy website and on our notice board in school. Kitty and Priya created a power point to show the whole school in assembly how we will save energy and protect the environment. Ethan, Isabella, Tilly and Spencer also took part in this assembly.

In February, Priya, Kitty and I attended another Academy Pupil Parliament meeting at the Waveney House Hotel. The subject this time being Pupil Well-Being and Mental Health. We are thinking of and implementing ways to improve this in school at the moment. Our motto for this is “Don’t bottle up your worries, share them with a trusted adult”. Shortly we will be providing a Worry Bear in both Acorn and Oak Class for the younger children to give it a hug when upset and tell it their worries. Pupil Parliament representatives will be running a mindfulness colouring club during lunchtimes. This will provide our pupils with some chill-out relaxing time and the opportunity to chat with their friends in a calming atmosphere.

All our pupils have just completed a sponsored jog where their money raised will go towards the 140 mental health projects in the UK that Sport Relief are funding and to help vulnerable people in both the UK and the world’s poorest countries.

We also have a suggestion box for the children to post their suggestions and requests to help improve our school.

Mrs Sharman and the Pupil Parliament


Pupil Parliament
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