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School Closure & Bad Weather Information

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It is the policy of the Consortium MAT that schools should remain open whenever possible during normal school hours (8:45am to 3.00pm) even if this means that only a skeleton staff is on site. The safety and welfare of the children at Barnby is of course the Headteacher’s paramount concern so the decision as to whether it is safe for you to bring your child to school will remain entirely with you as parents. If you decide not to make the journey please contact the school as soon as possible so that this can be recorded. However, in the event that the school is unable to operate safely due to other unforeseen circumstances ie damage to the school buildings, flooding, power failure etc the following procedures will apply:
• An email will be sent to all of the emergency contact addresses held on file
• A school closure notice will be placed on Suffolk County Council’s website
• A message will be posted on the school website The decision to close the school is only made in extreme circumstances where it is considered that the welfare of the children would be compromised.

School Closure & Bad Weather Information
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