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Barnby & North Cove Primary School PTFA

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2017/2018 PTFA for Barnby & North Cove Primary School – Serving Committee Members:
Michelle Cator – Chair
Lee Harris – Vice Chair
Amy Dowe – Treasurer
Rachel Knight – Secretary

About Us
The PTFA welcomes parents, teachers and friends of Barnby & North Cove Primary School.

Membership to the PTFA is automatic upon a child’s enrolment at the school, as well as interested members of the community. We hope you can enjoy and support many of the events we arrange throughout the year, which aim to raise funds for the school and children, as well as providing excellent opportunities to connect with other families.

What is The PTFA?
A group of people including parents, teachers, staff and friends of the school who help to organise events for children and families to enjoy. Our events seek to fund-raise on behalf of the school, but we are keen to support the social aspect of meeting other families and enjoying time with our children.

What are the aims of the PTFA?
To raise funds to purchase equipment, run events, or pay for activities that benefit ALL the children that the school could not otherwise afford. We organise social events for children, parents and their friends, to foster community relationships at the school.

Who can belong to the PTFA?
Anyone who has children at the school or who works at the school is automatically a member of the PTFA. Wider family members and members of the local community are also most welcome.

How can we find out more?
Each year there is an Annual General Meeting to which all parents and staff are invited. This is a good way of meeting people for the first time and hearing about the PTFA achievements and plans.

Committee Meetings are held when possible, but you don’t need to be a member of the committee to help out. Come along to a meeting to find out more, or contact a committee member!

Newcomers will always be made most welcome.

Planning & Organisation
In the informal atmosphere, the committee openly discuss activities and generate new ideas. It is at these committee meetings that school projects are considered with a view to PTFA Funding. In joining the committee, this is your opportunity to have your say.

Am I really needed?
YES! Everyone struggles to find time in busy schedules to volunteer, but the more offers of help we have, the more we can do while allowing more volunteers to enjoy events through rotation.

Being a member of the PTFA will give you lots of pleasure and enhance your family’s relationship with the school. Mums and dads, staff and friends all combine as individuals to form a friendly school community and as Year 6 parents leave the school, so new Reception parents join. Everyone is made welcome at any stage through their involvement with the school and it is never too late to get involved. We are always on the lookout for new members with new and fresh ideas, or helpers to run a stall at a fete for half an hour, or whatever you can put in – it will be much appreciated.

How to contact the PTFA
The easiest way to contact us is to send us a message through our Facebook page ‘Barnby & North Cove PTFA’,  talk to us in the playground, or leave a message with the School Office and a PTFA member will contact you.

Fund Raising Events
Over the years the generosity of all those associated with Barnby & North Cove Primary School has enabled the PTFA to donate many thousands of pounds to the school. People have been very creative in coming up with new ideas to run alongside the tried and trusted events. We have a friendly relaxed approach to our meetings and welcome anyone to come along to see for themselves.

Fun & Social Events
It is not all about raising funds all the time. The social events are equally important and give the children and adults opportunity to enjoy many friendships at Barnby & North Cove Primary School. The annual Family BBQ and Bingo Evenings are always great fun!

Past and present events include:

  • Christmas Fair
  • Bingo nights
  • Summer Family BBQ
  • Children’s Discos
  • BedTime Story Nights
  • Film Nights
  • Christmas Tree Festival
  • Raffles

Purchases include:

  • Workshops & Special Activities
  • Subsidies and Transport for Educational Trips
  • Playground Equipment
Barnby & North Cove Primary School PTFA
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