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PHSCE- Personal, Health, Social and Citizenship Education

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PHSCE education is a planned programme of learning through which children and young people acquire the knowledge, understanding and skills they need to manage their lives.

As part of a whole school approach across The Kingfisher Schools Federation, PHSCE develops the qualities and attributes pupils need to thrive as individuals, family members and members of society. Our aim is to develop caring, concerned citizens with the confidence and skills to make a difference to their communities, both local and global.

Visit the PHSCE Association for more information for carers or parents at the following link

With our PHSCE curriculum we aim to:

  • promote the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of pupils at the school and of society, and
  • prepare pupils at the school for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life.


  • To develop an understanding of Human rights/Children’s rights
  • To cultivate an insight into other people’s problems and their causes
  • To inform how resources are allocated through the taxation system and charitable giving
  • To inspire compassion linked to social and moral responsibility
  • To enhance the skills of communication and participation in the community
  • To develop the ability to make choices, set goals and take action.

Enable children to:

  • Think critically
  • Creative problem solve (independently or with others)
  • Develop a rational opinion and explain the reasoning behind it
  • Seek solutions/alternative options
  • Listen and observe
  • Recognise needs
  • Recognise and challenge stereotypes/bias
  • Be aware of disadvantage and changing needs – old age/ illness/ disability
  • Develop positive relationships with a variety of people
  • Share responsibility for group tasks
  • Anticipate and counter negative reaction and rationale
  • Resolve conflicts
  • Make choices and decisions
  • Set goals, plan, organise, promote, implement, evaluate.
  • Recognise their own worth

Teaching and learning:

  • Teachers will establish a positive and supportive learning environment e.g. developing ground rules
  • Discussion and reflection actively encouraged
  • Activities will cover the development of knowledge, skills and attitudes
  • Take into account beliefs and experiences of particular groups of pupils
  • Assessing learning outcomes

We believe that PHSCE helps to give all pupils the knowledge, skills and understanding that they need to be happy and healthy. It supports them in leading, active independent lives and becoming informed, responsible citizens.

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PHSCE- Personal, Health, Social and Citizenship Education
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