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Modern Foreign Language

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All children in Key Stage Two are required to learn a foreign language. The Kingfisher Schools Federation has made the decision that all children in our schools will learn French.

This is being taught from Year 2 upwards and children are learning to listen to French being spoken, to practice speaking themselves and to read and write French phrases and sentences.

The aural (listening) and oral (spoken) language work is most important in learning a language and children are encouraged to participate in role play and through songs, in order to build up confidence in using French.

Initially, children are introduced to simple, everyday phrases, so that they are able to hold short conversations with each other, to ask simple questions and use simple replies.

The children will build up their vocabulary and knowledge of French through themed lessons on a weekly basis, building upon what they have previously learnt.

Children will be introduced to simple French grammar and punctuation, both in written and spoken form.

Children will also be taught about the culture of French speaking nations and find out about the geography of these countries.

We are delighted to have been awarded Bronze in the Suffolk Lingua marque. This demonstrates the delivery of best practice in our approach to support the development of Primary Languages within the curriculum.

If you want to help your child to develop their skills in French, the following websites and video are useful:

Modern Foreign Language
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