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At Barnby & North Cove Primary School we are following the new English Programme of Study as set out in the new 2014 National Curriculum.

Our planning has been adjusted in accordance with the requirements of the new curriculum, and members of staff participate in CPD to extend and update skills and knowledge in the subject.

What was known as ‘Speaking and Listening’ now has two strands, which are: 

a) using discussion in order to learn, and
b) competence in the arts of speaking and listening;

We use presentations to demonstrate to others and take part in debate.

‘Talk for Writing’ is also an important part of the writing process, particularly for the younger children.

One of the aims of the new curriculum is to ensure that all pupils appreciate our rich and varied literary heritage. We have made sure, in our planning, that we have included texts of every genre in our studies.

In the English Programme of Study, reading is separated into word reading and comprehension; we do our best to ensure that the children are given the tools to understand what they read, thus adding to their enjoyment of reading.

We encourage a love of reading by offering a wide range of reading material and opportunities for reading in school. We have reading books from several schemes, so that every ability of reader is catered for.

We also hear children read regularly, either on an individual basis or as part of small group or guided reading, according to the needs of the child.

Phonics is taught systematically throughout Key Stage 1, following mainly ‘Letters and Sounds’.

A weekly list of spellings is also given to the children to learn throughout the school.

At the lower end, this is based on spelling patterns, but Years 3,4,5 & 6 learn the words in the prescribed list for their year group. High Frequency words are also taught as a matter of course.

In the new curriculum, grammar is taught in each year group according to the Programme of Study, as before, but what is new is that the children have to be taught the terminology.

Children throughout the different year groups will be taught to write in a range of styles and for a range of purposes. There is greater emphasis on developing the process of writing: planning, drafting, proofreading and editing.

We encourage our children to take some responsibility for moving their learning on, by using self and peer assessment. – English Resources and Games at Top Marks for Kids!

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