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High School Transition

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Dear Parents and Carers of Year 6 children,

High schools start to contact us at the beginning of the Summer Term to arrange transition visits between us and them. Occasionally, a high school transition leader will also visit our schools to meet the children joining them.

Any relevant information about your child will be passed onto the high school, including attainment information and any special education needs (SEN) information which they will require.

Most high schools offer an extended transition period, when your child will effectively attend the high school for the last couple of weeks of the summer term. We will therefore advise you of the last day that your child is with us.

We hope that most of your children will secureĀ their first choice for high school places. For others, if you need to go through an appeal process, we wish you the very best of luck with that process.

If you have any concerns, please speak to the School Office.

High School Transition
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