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Admission & Catchment Area

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Barnby & North Cove Primary School serves, Barnby, North Cove and the surrounding villages.

Any parent who is considering either of our schools for their child will have every opportunity to visit and make the decision about its suitability based upon careful observation and open discussion with the Head Teacher and teaching staff.  You are very welcome to arrange a visit by telephoning the school office.

Admission Arrangements
Admission to our schools is arranged centrally by Suffolk County Council. Information regarding Reception and In-Year admission procedures and criteria for each school, together with application forms are available from the County Council Admissions Team and can be found at the following link

You can also contact the Admissions Team at:
Constantine House
Constantine Road

Tel: 0845 600 0981

All children can attend school full-time in the September following their 4th birthday.  If you do not wish to take up a full-time place in the September, you can decide which term you would like your child to start full-time, or part-time, in the Reception Class at school.  Please note that the part time option is only available until your child reaches Compulsory School Age, which is the beginning of the term after your child’s 5th birthday.  At this stage your child must take up a full time school place. Parents and carers of children seeking to join the school in other years should in the first instance contact the In-Year Admissions Team at Suffolk County Council.

Admissions Policy
Suffolk County Council is responsible for admissions to the school and full details of the admissions policy, procedures and Suffolk’s coordinated admissions schemes can be obtained from Suffolk County Council.

The Kingfisher Schools Federation welcomes all children regardless of special needs or disability. Pupils with additional needs may have extra visits before starting school and there will be close liaison with parents, their early years setting or existing school, to ensure that the correct arrangements are in place.

Every effort is made to make a place available for your child in our school. However, schools have a limit of the number of children they can take. In the case of the Kingfisher Schools Federation, this is 15 pupils in each year group.

This figure is set out by the Local Authority and agreed with Governors and the Head Teacher. If the number of children wanting a place is below the set figure, your child will be offered a place. There may, however, come a point when there are too many children of that year group for them all to have a place.

If a place is not available on application, you have the right to appeal to Suffolk County Council Education Authority. Appeals are heard by an independent panel. A Guide to Admissions Appeals can be obtained from the Suffolk County Council website, from the above link.

Admission & Catchment Area
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